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Build It, They Will Come

An Alternative To Donation Requests

The aim of this site is simple, to help monetise your blog or website without intrusive (and often blocked) banners. Your readers can make everyday purchases which will help fund the free of use blogging model you put so much effort into. All you need do is supply a simple link along these lines.
Please support my work and the free to read blog model. Every purchase you make will support this site.

Readers are encouraged to bookmark and share your link gaining you more customers. How you promote this is at your discretion hence this service is only by invitation. early adopters will be rewarded with lifetime cookies, your customers will be yours forever, and 90% commission.

Signing up takes just a few minutes and I hope you do, you deserve some reward for your remarkable efforts, Just Click Here. Please contact for further info and expressions of interest.You may also wish to read my Medium post.
    Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

A. I am someone who has put a lot of time, effort and money into funding free to read blogs I am approaching those whose blogs I regularly read first as there is a greater chance you'll at least know something of me.

Q. How much will I earn?

A. I don't know, this is a brand new concept. As a rule of thumb say £3-£5 per customer a month. Much will depend on how you promote the site and of course income will be cyclical peaking at Christmas.You will earn anything from pocket money upwards. It takes just two major purchases (eg a mobile phone contract and a holiday)a week to generate around 6k per annum.

Q. I object to some of the businesses you promote will this affect what I can write?

A. Absolutly not. I am asking you to promote the site not the individual businesses. Your readers will make their own minds up about what and where they purchase.

Q.How do I get paid?

A. All cleared commissions will be paid monthly via your bank account or paypal. You must also reach the minimum threshold of £25.

Q. Do I earn commission from my own purchases?

A. Yes you do. You will earn exactly as much as any other sale made.

Q. How do you track my sales?

A. After you register securely via php the idev software does all the work. It is 100% accurate and the best software available.

Q. I'm having to put an awful lot of trust in you why should I?

A. Because you own me. Traffic to my site is driven exclusively by you.You can cease promoting the site anytime you choose so I have to maintain your trust. I can only do that by looking after you. Also check my Twitter followers, who I follow and who follows me.

Q. My readership is international but this is a UK site will you address this?

A. USA, EU and Australian versions of this site will launch in 2017 if the UK version works for everyone. Please remember this is a beta site and experimental.

Q. Does it cost me anything to join?

A. No and it never will. During the beta phase I pay 90% commission of sales to you and 10% to hopefully cover my costs.A wage for myself is a distant dream as yet.

Q. Do I earn anything else over and above my commission?

A. Yes, as traffic builds to the site it will create orphan sales that cannot be attributed to anyone one writer. This will be distributed on the amount of clicks you have generated.

Q. Did you just make up these questions in order to impart further information?

A. Yes. So if you have any of your own please get in touch, it's good to talk. Above all, thank you for reading this.

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